Essential Embroidery Tools

The essential rundown of everything you need to know about these must-have embroiderer's tools. How many do you have in your sewing room?


Alligator Clamps Alligator Clamps

By using a unique hinged jaw, these tweezers can easily grab and manipulate thread or fabric in hard to reach places! This feature, combined with gripping teeth and long handles for increased leverage, makes this indispensable tool perfect for turning fabric in tight spots and pulling buttonettes in freestanding lace projects.



OESD Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth OESD Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth

OESD's Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth is a premium tool for all your embroidery projects.

• Press puckers out of embroidered fabrics
• Prevents embroidery texture from getting crushed
• Absorbs steam to set a perfectly pressed finish
• Use over and over. Machine washable and hang to air dry.

Also, use this indispensable tool like a traditional press cloth – place project right side up on ironing surface and place press cloth over the top of the project.

Easy to use and easy to maintain, the press cloth measures 20" square. 


Button Clips Button Clips

OESD Button Clips help make freestanding lace assembly a pinch. Place the button clip over an assembled loop and button to temporarily secure the connection while you complete other areas of the structure.


Expert Embroidery Tape Expert Embroidery Tape

Use Expert Embroidery Tape WashAway to temporarily hold your fabrics in place while doing in-the-hoop embroidery projects. No need to worry about getting tape trapped in your project – the tape is easily removed with water. Or if you prefer, the Expert Embroidery Tape TearAway is easy-to-tear and provides the same result.



Expert Point and Press Tool Expert Point & Press Tool

Turn points and curves with precision and ease! An essential companion for all your sewing and embroidery projects. With a fabric-safe stiletto, two-point sizes, and a comfortable non-slip body, this handy tool is perfect for effortlessly opening tiling scene seams, in-the-hoop pressing, and turning in-the-hoop projects, corners, fabric tubes, and straps.



Loop and Tail WandLoop & Tail Wand

Eliminate thread loops and thread ends with this precision tool. Its expert design features both a textured and a sharp end. Push the sharp end of the wand through the top of the embroidery design at the loop or thread end, pull the wand through to the other side, and watch the loop disappear!


505 Temporary Spray Adhesive505 Temporary Spray Adhesive

505 is a temporary adhesive for use in embroidery. Use for appliqué, adhering backing to garments, and positioning difficult-to-hoop items. Odorless, colorless, stainless, spotless, acid-free, and no needle gum-up.