Seaside Treasures


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Scenic & Travel
#12300 25 Designs

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This collection of ocean jewels, designed with dynamic gradient fills and enhanced with sparkling metallic threads, will inspire daydreams of cool tides splashing beneath your toes and treasure-seeking along the shore.

Included are many styles of shells, linework designs, accent wave swirls, and one jumbo lighthouse design. Sew these summer designs on towels, create projects for the bathroom, or bedeck a tote bag for your next excursion into the sand.

Seaside Treasures: An Embroidery Voyage

Each piece of art takes a unique journey before it becomes a finalized embroidery design. As an embroidery artist for OESD, once a piece of art leaves my drawing table, I have the opportunity to see it rebirthed into stitches through the innovative minds of our digitizers.

I have the privilege of working with a very talented and creative group of people. They know how to make the art department look good! The part I appreciate the most, and what helps our designs become so unique, is the direct connection between the art and digitizing staff. We process ideas together and explore new avenues in style and stitches during every step of creation. We allow one another creative openness and understand the relevance of all our artistic differences.

Over the years, I have learned to trust the digitizers with my creations and even anticipate the ways they will develop them beyond my initial ideas. We have seen some incredible successes utilizing this synergy, and we all have our memorable favorites.

One of mine is a collection called Seaside Treasures #12300. This beautiful group of designs artfully captures the colorful essence of the seashell. I specifically remember my attitude as I began to create the art for translation. There were moments when I wondered how the stitches would actually flow. The gradients were dynamic, and the linework needed to be just the right contrast and color. We decided to accentuate the designs with shiny iridescent threads, but they needed to be used with just the right touch, just enough to bring a light sparkle to the final designs. It was definitely a challenge for me as the artist, and I knew we would go through some serious testing to get the desired results in stitches. Looking back, I realize now how I have sometimes underestimated the potential beauty of machine embroidery.

After a few brief meetings with one of our brilliant digitizing technicians, I quickly began to see my art groomed into stitches, with even more elegance and beauty than I had expected. We processed a few tests, made some quick adjustments, and then I allowed myself to release any questions about the outcome. The colorful gradient fills blended almost magically, and the special iridescent stitches gave each seashell a glistening presence, almost as if each one had just been plucked from beneath the waves. I was definitely pleased. The art was in good hands.

Seaside Treasures is one of those successes that inspires me to create more unique embroidery designs and reminds me to cherish the artistry that surrounds me. I hope that this collection will inspire you also and embolden your passion for the industry. In my opinion, machine embroidery never looked so good. All thanks to the team.

Tim Work, OESD Illustrator


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