OESD's Super SPREE Club Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Super SPREE Club?

A. OESD's Super SPREE Club (Special Pricing Reserved for Embroidery Enthusiasts) is a special embroidery design savings club offered to our Super SPREE event attendees. This program allows you to get the newest exciting embroidery designs delivered directly to your local store on a ready-to-use USB Stick.

Q. What do I get?

A. • Each month, you will receive a MINIMUM of five embroidery collections on a ready-to-use USB stick. These will be the newest releases from OESD. Each month, the retail value of these collections is at least $150. That's a value of $1800!

• You will also receive four NEW Collector's Edition design sets throughout the year. In April, you will receive our "Spring in Your Stitch" collection valued at $49, and in each of the months of September, October, and November, you will receive our annual Holiday Celebration collections, each valued at $79. That's a bonus of over $290! Our Collector's Edition sets are our most popular collections!

• You will get four bonus project collections throughout the year. These project collections are valued at $30 each, and include project instructions to create fun and easy embroidered projects and gifts.

• You will receive 4 seasonal bundles of 10-15 designs each. Each of these bundles is valued at $30 or more. That's an average value of $120!

Q. What types of designs are included?

A. Your design selection will be a combination of quilting, appliqué, classic embroidery, freestanding lace, tiling scenes, and project collections. You will receive at least four from each of these categories throughout your SPREE club year.

Q. How do I know what designs I'm getting?

A. SPREE club designs are NEW every month. Each month when you receive your USB stick, you will also receive a preview of the upcoming month's designs.

Q. Is there a special for signing up at SuperSPREE?

A. YES! When you sign up today, you will be able to create a personal library of 15 OESD collections with a total value of up to $750!

Q. How do I know I'm not picking designs I'll get in my monthly subscription?

A. Your monthly club selections are from OESD's NEWEST designs each month, so simply select your bonus collections from our existing on-line library. Your bonus collections must be OESD-branded.

Q. What does the program cost?

A. Annual membership in SPREE club is only $999 per year. The retail value of your annual SPREE club membership is OVER $3000 - that's a savings of at least 70%!

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Use the club registration form to sign up for OESD's Super SPREE club. Be sure to include your phone number and email address so your local store can contact you when your ready-to-use USB stick arrives each month.

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