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Terms and Conditions

Online Pricing, Specifications & Availability

Prices, specifications, and availability of products are subject to change without notice. Any typographical, photographic, or specification error in product, pricing, or offers is subject to correction. Although Internet orders generate an automatic confirmation and response e-mail, Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design LLC (OESD) may change its pricing, product description or specification after any order confirmation or response e-mail but prior to shipment due to errors, changing market conditions, product discontinuation or unavailability, typographical errors, or any other reason. We will notify you of any corrections or changes and ask for your approval before completing your order. We will not complete your order until we have your approval. We reserve the right to limit sales, including the right to prohibit sales to resellers, even after we have received and confirmed your order. Published prices do not include shipping, sales tax, and insurance.

Copyright Privileges

When you purchase embroidery designs on CD, USB, or download from OESD or an authorized affiliate selling OESD design collections, you have been granted certain rights and privileges. The designs are copyrighted, and the licensing rights are granted to you exclusively, but no one else.

You may NOT copy, share, or sell the design files including but not limited to email or any other electronic transmission. Even if a design is free to you, you do not have the right to copy, share, or sell the designs as stated herein. Each person must purchase his or her rights.

How to Know if a Collection is LICENSED or NON-LICENSED

If a collection or design is licensed, there will be a notice posted on the product page on this website. Look for the artist's name in with the stitching information on the design's product page and the thread chart PDF.

All licensed designs are created under license from artwork drawn by various artists. Some artists have other licensed products available. You may be able to find fabric, notepaper, figurines, jewelry, project patterns, scrapbooking items, framed art, and other items that can coordinate with the embroidery collection.

OESD non-licensed designs are drawn by our artists to meet the demands of customers. This model allows for a great variety of designs. OESD currently offers over 50,000 non-licensed designs. These designs are fully editable and can be used on personal projects, gifts, or items to be sold.

Non-Licensed Designs

If the CD, USB, or downloaded design(s) is an OESD NON-LICENSED DESIGN, you have the RIGHT to:

  • Sew out the design on a gift.
  • Edit and modify the designs in embroidery software to your personal preference.
  • Sew out the designs on an item to be sold.
  • Change the size and color of the design to your personal preference.
  • Sell as many items featuring those designs or multiple stock designs as you want.

Licensed Collections

If the embroidery CD, USB, or downloaded design(s) is LICENSED, you have the RIGHT to:

  • Sew out the design on a gift.
  • Change the size and color of the design to your personal preference.
  • Sew out the design(s) on an item to be sold with a limitation of 25 items per collection.

Tula Pink Embroidery Collections

You have the RIGHT to:

  • Sew out the design on a gift.
  • Change the size and color of the design to your personal preference.

Items made from Tula Pink collections may not be sewn out for resale in any capacity.


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