Luxe Sparkle Vinyl Outshines the Rest!

OESD Luxe Sparkle Vinyl is unlike other Sparkle products and designed with the embroiderer and sewist in mind.

Luxe Sparkle Vinyl
Freestanding Star Bright

Multiple Applications

  • Traditional applique, pre-cut or cut-in-place
  • Freestanding applique projects
  • Three-dimensional applique structures
  • Stitch and turn projects
  • Sewing projects
  • Craft projects

Expanded Features

  • Rainbow of colors
  • Smooth Sparkle finish; no flaking
  • Applies to most all fabric surfaces, cotton to corduroy, t-shirts to towels
  • Environmentally friendly; no plastic carrier sheet required.
  • Sparkle will not shed
  • Supports high-density embroidery without perforating or tearing
  • Easily replaces fabric in sewing and embroidery projects
  • Perfect substitute for cork, heat transfer vinyl, marine vinyl, stitch and tear vinyl, and leather
  • Luxe Sparkle Vinyl does not have fusible backing making it the best choice for layered applique and sewing projects
Luxe Sparkle Vinyl

Laundry Information

Luxe Sparkle Vinyl will not shrink, fade, or stretch when laundering, even when washed in hot water and tumble dried on high heat. It is detergent and bleach safe. LSV is naturally stain-resistant.

When applied to a fabric or garment, use the fabric laundering recommendations. It is not necessary to turn the project inside out for washing and drying.

Pressing Information

Luxe Sparkle Vinyl may be pressed directly on either side with an iron or a heat press - no pressing cloth cover required.

Luxe Sparkle Vinyl will soften as more heat is applied, then returns to its normal texture when cooled. A clapper may be used to set seams when pressing open or in stitch and turn projects.

With no fusible adhesive on the back, it is unnecessary to fuse it to the fabric, allowing for more sewing and creative options.

If adding an adhesive, Luxe Sparkle Vinyl will accept fusible products such as OESD Applique Fuse and Fix. For a permanent fuse, press OESD Fuse and Seal permanent adhesive to the back of LSV, then fuse to the fabric.

Cutting Information

OESD Luxe Sparkle Vinyl may be easily cut or trimmed with scissors, rotary cutter, or digital cutting machine. For added convenience, there is no carrier sheet to remove before trimming.

Needle Information

For embroidery, use a 75/11 or 80/12 Sharp Embroidery Needle.

For sewing, always use a microtex needle. Select the needle size based on the weight of the thread and the fabric.

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