USB Design Delivery Option

Receive your embroidery designs on a USB drive from OESD! When you purchase digital embroidery design files from our website your designs are automatically added to the "MyDesigns" section of your account. You are able to download your designs at anytime and you can come back later and download your files again if you need to.


As an added service, you may also purchase USB Design Delivery.


When you add this service to your order, we download all your embroidery designs in all the available formats, and place them on one USB drive. Designs are grouped by format in folders (not by design # or collection), so that you can choose the right format for your embroidery machine. Each USB is labeled with your order number so that you can return to your account and view the designs purchased on that order.


Please note: to maximize machine compatability and save space on the USB drive, we do not include thread charts or instructions on the USB drive. The USB contains the embroidery design files only. You may download your thread chart and project instructions from your "MyDesigns" section of your account, or directly from the product page on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need to select the formats added to the USB drive?

No - we'll put all available formats (not all designs come in all formats due to machine/format limitations) on the USB drive, and we will group the designs in folders by their format.


2. Is this USB machine ready?

Yes (with a disclaimer) - Our USB can be used in most embroidery machines without any additional effort. Certain brands and older machines are a bit more particular about how designs are placed on a USB drive, so we cannot guarantee 100% compatability, but we've tested with the current models from most manufacturers. If you own one of those machines with particular instructions on USB loading, you probably have already experienced the process and are aware of how you need to arrange your USB.


3. How long does it take to receive my machine ready USB?

We'll process your order as quickly as possible. If you ordered other physical products that need to be shipped we'll include your USB in that shipment. We do our best to ship orders within 1-2 business days of when your order was placed and we'll send you tracking information when your order ships.


4. Can you send me previous orders on USB?

No - we really wish we could, but this new feature only works for new orders. We've got a great tutorial on downloading designs here: How To Download Designs


5. Do I still get the designs to download?

Yes - digital designs are still added to your "MyDesigns" for download. USB delivery is an added service to help you if you struggle with downloading designs, or prefer a physical copy for your library.


6. What happened to the CD/USB option for collections?

We used to offer certain limited collections on CD/USB. Today's computers don't offer CD drives, and individual USB's per collection were expensive and a waste of USB space. Now we can offer USB options on all of our embroidery designs, packs, and collections with USB delivery option.


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